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A gargoyle is the reoccurring motif for this one

Liara’s adoration for Shepard is obvious, but if I were Shepard I’d probably adore Liara just as much if not more. She’s a damn genius, a prodigal scientist, and just as responsible for the defeat of the Reapers as Shepard is, and she’s the Shadow Broker, one of the (if not the) most powerful people in the galaxy. And she’s cunning, yet kind; and formidable, yet still retains youthful wonder and curiosity. I like to think that Shepard adores Liara immensely. If I were Shepard I would get my ass back into her office and listen to her talk about Protheans for hours. I think that’s one of the ways Liara as a LI works. A mutual adoration, mutual intrigue in one another and mutual amazement for each other’s work and character.

Progress on the cuties

some skyrim stuff for fun. her name is nirme elanesse; she’s an altmer with a bit of bosmer. she originally fought in the great war on the side of the aldmeri dominion as a result of a peasant draft. (the rich don’t want their kids fighting, after all), but went traitor and fled north after tipping off cyrodiil about aldmeri movements. because the army hadn’t paid her and because the dominion had a pretty decent bounty on her head, she was forced to live in poverty with the beggars in riften, keeping her head low and living in and out of the sewers. the dominion had trained her as a scout, so she picked up hunting skills pretty quickly, and was able to make enough money from pelts to buy better equipment. because of the bounty, she remained constantly traveling and never staying in one town or city for too long. 

for the following years after the great war, she was plagued by guilt over how many soldiers she had killed and desperately tried to redeem herself by giving away much of her money to charities, beggars, and anyone in need, as well as talking to the jarls of skyrim to see if there were any bandits in their holds that needed taking care of. her logic was: “there’s no forgiveness for what i’ve done. death cannot be undone and there is nothing that could possibly redeem a life. so i will continue to kill brigands, and these evil things that need to be done, so that innocent people don’t have to.” while in the pale, she discovered a shrine of julianos among the remains of some unfortunate traveler, and relocated them both to the wayward pass, were she made a makeshift camp/home, and found comfort in the divine and his nature. 

wayward pass became her home for another few years until she met prue and helped eradicate a nearby cave of falmer that had been kidnapping and killing travelers. she accompanied prue throughout the pale. because of her actions, moral code, and readiness to help people in need, she’s often regarded as the one who ‘should have been dovahkiin’ when contrasted with prue (the actual dovahkiin), who is very selfish, manipulative, and a bit cruel

i had been developing this rgrea guy for a few days. going to make him a pax gun  for hire who plays an antagonist to kryt for a while until he ends up swapping sides. i’m hesitant about doing so, because that’s some old cliche: the hero convinces everyone that he/she is right. what if, instead, the hero was convinced that they were wrong? i might change it. he is nameless

last night i had a dream about this character. some construction site fight deal; something about infrared, steel nails, and white i-beams. then he drops these items i’ve drawn. some little container with dried peas and acorns, and this wooden ring. it was a lot darker and more sinister looking, and made of wood. i just didn’t color it too darkly so the patterns are visible, but it’s basically pitch black wood. maybe i should give these things to him.

he really does hate the humans, for the most part, and that’s why he joined the pax when it was a radical terrorist movement. he hates the xenophobia, most of all, and their anthropocentric-ism. he tells an off-color joke to kryt: “Humans hate the rgrea because of the way we look. in your culture, we look like demons, although we’re not so different of a species at all. we’re proud, self-centered, and emotional. i’ve always wondered why we never got along, until i realized that it was because your people have nightmares about faces like mine. do you ever stop and wonder if evolution had designed that? do you believe in divine coincidence? maybe we really are your demons. maybe we are supposed to butcher your race. maybe those nightmares evolved as a warning.”

he was kidding, of course. he actively mocks humans for being so superstitious, even after he leaves the pax


I’m using crayons for evil

The Bthansnel Pentagon

The Bthansnel Pentagon are five of the most powerful crime lords on Drakkar, each running his/her own district (there are 8 districts on Drakkar) through the power of drugs, weapons, and intelligence, all functioning with an alliance with one another for the sake of profit and convenience. Since Drakkar is notorious for its crime and the large population of criminals who are fleeing the Republic, Kryt & co. go there to assemble their first renegade crew and to arm themselves. The Bthansnel Pentagon give Kryt trouble during the Great Crisis, when they begin the trafficking of Vrylium and Krassium.

All members of the Bthansnel Pentagon have secondary titles, mostly for the sake of show. They use bribes and violent force to push the government police out of their districts, allowing them to replace them with their own soldiers so that they can essentially run the entire district as they please. Because Drakkar has 8 districts, 5 of which are run by the Pentagon, the entire planet is identified as criminally controlled because of the aforementioned majority.

After the fall of the Pax and the rebirth of the Alyssan Republic as the Alyssan Federation (this name is liable to change), four senators were elected to represent Drakkar as it joined the Federation again after almost 70 years of independence. Federal troops were sent to Drakkar to try to take back the planet, and the crime wars began. Kryt, now an ally of the Federation, was to use her past ties with the crime lords and shut them down from the inside. It became more complicated than anticipated.

"Bthansnel" is a tau’dnsi word meaning "Terrifying Little Gods"

Drakkar’s population consists of a majority of humans (about 60%), and the other 40% is a large mix of many other species. The most common languages amongst humans spoken there are English, Spanish, and French. 

Isidore Leveque: (left-most) Leveque runs the 5th District. His public title is Lambda-Yn (Greek letter, yinxian letter). He is a human, and aged 35. He is known for intellect and organization, being extremely difficult to predict, and has a great mind for business. He nearly lost an entire half of his face during a police raid when he was younger. 

Htaldon Cnath: (bottom center) Cnath runs the 3rd district. His title is Gamma-Ot. (Greek letter, vikot letter). He is a tau’dnsi, aged 57. He oversees many of the ocean ports of his district. He is cold, ruthless, and ambitious; known for his love of gambling, his scholarly yet unforgiving disposition, his passion for experiments of all kinds, and his abilities as a pilot. His tattoo means “Do not bury”. Has a large role during the crime wars, when senator Nadal tries to cause a rift between the pentagon by pitting them against one another. Eventually, his gammas and Alcuin’s sigmas join in battle at the district’s borders, fighting away the Federation.

Rotaan Lanjut: (bottom right) Lanjut runs the 6th district. His title is Iota-Re (Greek letter, yinxian letter). He is a vikot, aged 48. Most of his focus is on drug and weapon trades, and he thrives there, but often encounters much trouble with the authorites as he hasn’t attempted to extort/bribe any officials out of pride. 

Sinead Alcuin: (top center). Alcuin runs the 4th district. Her title is Sigma-Lied (Greek letter, fontse letter). She is a human, aged 28. Alcuin inherited her district when most of the highest ranking members were collectively assassinated during the Pax wars. Though young at the time, she was able to heal the organization and take back control of the district through cunning and brutality. Known for aggressive and effective tactics. Rumor has it that Alcuin has personally bought out senator Vallos. Has a large role during the crime wars. 

Doth Teixiun: (top right). Teixiun runs the 7th district. His title is Omicron-Kan (Greek letter, vikot letter). He is a yinxian, age 45. He was the one who sold weapons to Kryt & co. during their visit. He supported them and offered a partnership, but Kryt declined, saying that they have to look clean to the public. He made the important speech about how the public favored the Pentagon, and ‘clean’ is only relative. Teixiun is violent, a better warlord than a businessman, but also possesses a deep understanding of people and politics.

durant gravois, the wicked little androgynous protagonist of santa luz. durant is not her real name (it’s actually isabelle) but during middle school, she and long-term friend vance adopted their respective pseudonyms as a form of rebellion against their parents, but in high school and college the names evolved into more of a developed social statement. at the heart of the issue, the names reflect desire for control over their own identity. 

durant has an older sister, clarisse, who’s much more similar to the rest of her family. of her relatives, durant is only fond of her father and niece. she dropped out of college after only two semesters, and did not return to her family. in high school she befriended bastion, who also became friends with vance. during one summer while still in high school, she met tobias at the convenience store she was working at, while she was closing up the store alone. he was planning on robbing the store, but durant wouldn’t let him, and expressed her lack of interest in living when he threatened to kill her. tobias broke down on the floor and revealed that he was only trying to get some money to support his son. durant ended up reaching into her own wallet and handing him $20, and gave him her email. when her boss find out what had happened, durant was fired for not calling the police. tobias emailed her the following week from a dummy email (he still feared that she would turn him in), thanking her and letting her know that he had a job interview in a few days.

durant’s character is very mean spirited and angry, and she is often likened to a gargoyle. she is even negligent and cold to her closest friends, who have become her housemates, and bickers with them over trifles throughout the day. however, there is always a certain degree of nihilistic, bitter truth in most of durant’s stances, no matter how ugly its presentation, which gives her character the much-needed salvation from being considered a simple maniac. another strange  motif in her character is the tendency to establish unintentional connections to other circles of friends, who eventually meet the others, despite her blatantly unfriendly and callous nature.

durant is unemployed while living with her friends in santa luz. she makes a few dollars here and there from selling paintings of surrealistic horror landscapes, and from entering chess tournaments. she smokes, enjoys the occult, and only shows selflessness and warmth during the darkest of hours.

bastion’s younger sister, only by 1-2 years. i haven’t even given her a name yet. bastion went to live with tobias & co. in that ugly little house in santa luz because he wants to go to culinary school, which his parents won’t pay for, so he’s got a job at a grocery store in hopes he’ll be able to make enough money to go to school within a few years. meanwhile, back at home, his sister has chosen a profession that her parents approve of, so she’s in university. 

bastion’s friends meet her during the winter holidays, when she stays with a few friends in town for a couple weeks between thanksgiving and christmas. they are surprised that he had a sister at all, but mostly at how different they are despite the fact that she and bastion are siblings. his sister is socially skilled, outgoing, and things go pretty smoothly in her life. she keeps things cool, doesn’t stress; aloof and flexible. bastion on the other hand is always stressed, constantly mucks up his social interactions, isn’t exactly a babe in any way, and is rather timid and unlucky. 

durant hates her (but durant hates most people). vance doesn’t want to get involved. bastion doesn’t want to connect to his family. she’s taken an interest in tobias, initially, but he doesn’t seem too interested. bastion thinks it’s disgusting, mostly because he had a small crush on tobias a few months previously.

listened to Health for this character. specifically, Goth Star, Glitter Pills, USA Boys, and Tears

ideally i want to spotlight as many characters as i can, and i liked drawing her. i need to practice more so i can get more accurate in what i envisioned her to look like. i still need to give her a name


inebriated weeping

it’s not finished